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Manual Therapy Tools

These products are designed for the health care professional involved with manual therapy including massage, acupressure, guasha, tuina, reflexology and the like. They are designed to augment the therapist's technique while lessening the stress on their hands, wrists and forearms. Please see the free instructional video below (or its YouTube version) for a more complete overveiw.

Golden Sunshine Massage Pro Manual Therapy Implement.

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GS-11 Massage Pro - This implement can be used by the therapist and/or sold to the client for home use between visits. Made of natural Formosan Cyprus, it easily transfers the therapist's energy where needed.

Golden Sunshine Massage Pro Manual Therapy Implement. Made of aromatic Formosan cyprus.

Cellulite Massager

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B-CM Cellulite Massager - This low tech, high touch implement is designed for you in the shower to stimulate and invigorate areas prone to cellulite formation..

Info Box for Cellulite Massager - Low Tech, High Touch. Use in shower to invigorate and stimulate areas prone to cellulite.

GS-MT Multi-Function Pro Tool. FREE Instructional Video. This unique design is ergonomic and replaces several other tools in the clinic. Comes in natural wood tone, blue, green and ivory. Use for acupressure, tuina, guasha, massage, reflexology and more.

Golden Sunshine Multi-Function Pro Tool comes in brown, blue, green or ivory. Replaces most other manual therapy tools in your clinic.



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