Pain Management FAQ


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page) for our pain management products. We have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us at or call us during business hours at (970) 323-5168.

General Questions

Question: What is Far Infrared Technology? Do I need to use a far infrared heat lamp with it?

Answer: All of Golden Sunshine's pain management products except our Herbal Spray include a piezoelectric ingredient (tourmaline), a mineral that, when activated by body heat emits a far infrared therapeutic frequency. There is no need to use a lamp or other equipment to get the effect. The products themselves emit the far infrared frequency when applied to the body. Some people are sensitive enough to even feel the energy by putting their hand close to the product. Note, in traditional Chinese medicine, tourmaline is also detoxifying.

Question: Golden Sunshine’s pain relief products come in patch, cream, spray and paste forms. Are these the same formulas?

Answer: No. Each product is a separate formulation for different applications. The paste is the strongest formulation and is ideal for traumatic injuries where deep penetration into the tissue is desired. Our creams are ideal for symptoms such as stiffness from chronic indications such as arthritis and are easily applied to the joints. Our spray is convenient for application in sports injuries either before, during or after a strenuous workout. The patch is great for application to broad areas like the back, thighs or torso and offers long-lasting relief. Our patch can be used along with our creams or spray to obtain maximum benefit.

Question: Can Golden Sunshine’s pain relief products be used together or with other products?

Answer: Yes and No. Golden Sunshine's formulas are designed to be compatible with one another so there are no adverse herb interactions. However, we cannot test every product out there and other manufacturers do not use the same pharmaceutical grade standards in their formulation or ingredients, so it is not recommended to use our products with others.



Topical Analgesic Patch Questions

Question: Peeling the patch off is sometimes difficult, especially on tender areas. Is there a way to alleviate this problem?

Answer: Yes. The patches’ ingredients are water soluble. If you wet the patch prior to removing, it will be much easier. Some find it easier to remove the patches while bathing or showering. Also, instead of just pulling up on the patch, pull it sideways, rolling it off the skin.

Question: Can the patch be cut into different sizes and shapes?

Answer: Yes. While for broader areas of the body like the back, shoulder or thigh, a larger size gives better results, for smaller areas like fingers or joints, the patch can be cut to conform to the area. Keep in mind that the more contact you can make with the affected area, the better the results.

Question: I have sensitive skin. Is there any way to prevent skin rash while using the patch?

Answer: Yes. While the patch is one of our most efficacious products, if your skin is sensitive or a rash persists, our creams are probably the best solution for you. The patch concentrates the ingredients on the affected area and while the patch allows the skin to breathe to an extent, the creams allow far more freedom in the case of sensitive skin or those who are prone to skin rash from this type of product. Both the patch and the cream provide long lasting relief.


Topical Analgesic Cream Questions

Question: Sometimes there’s some oil coming out of the Herbal Cream. Is this normal and is there anything special about the oil?

Answer: Yes. This is quite normal as we use some natural oils in our creams to moisturize and soften the skin while allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeply and last longer. To avoid the oils from separating from the cream, be sure to avoid temperature extremes. Room temperature of about 65 degrees F is ideal. You can stir the oil back into the cream or just massage it into the skin during application.

Question: What is the best method of applying your creams for maximum results?

Answer: For optimum effect, apply the cream to the affected area and massage it in for about 10 minutes until it absorbs in and dries. Then, apply one of our patches. The patch should be removed after around 8 hours to let the skin breathe for a few hours before applying another patch. It is not recommended to wear the patch longer than 8 hours.






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