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New Cleansing & Moisturizing Products

Golden Sunshine is proud to announce some exciting new additions to its Skin Care line! Produced in the US, these new additions are 100% natural and make a nice compliment to our Skin Care Essentials facial rejuvenation line.


Rosa Damascena Hydrosol 2 Oz bottle with link to dailyregimen.html
Golden Sunshine Organic Rosa Damascena Hydrosol is the best Bulgarian rosa damascena hydrosol from the famous Valley of the Roses in the Balkans, known as the most beautifully scented roses in the world, makes an ideal toner, skin softener, freshener & conditioner. Pamper yourself daily to look &
feel your absolute best.
Golden Sunshine 100% Natural Herbal Facial Pimple & Acne Powder. Use it to cleanse daily and exfoliate as needed. To use as a nourishing herbal mask, mix with egg whites for oily skin or honey for dry skin. To repair damaged skin, use Golden Sunshine's Aloe/Reishi Skin Dew after cleansing.
Golden Sunshine Natural Herbal FAcial Pimple & Acne Cleansing Powder.
Cleansing Powder
Golden Sunshine Natural Facial Deep Cleansing Oil 4 Oz bottle.
Golden Sunshine 100% Natural Facial Deep Cleansing Oil removes make-up, dirt and debris while retaining natural oils in the skin. Includes Rose Hip Seed Oil and Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Lavender & Rosemary. A must for daily skin care.
Golden Sunshine 100% Natural Facial Cleansing Bars. Golden Sunshine® has worked with local artisans in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to develop a line of natural cleansing bars that are not only gentle on the skin but healthy, nourishing, and even therapeutic, under its Mellow Bee® professional skin care brand.
Golden Sunshine Natural Facial Cleansing Bars

New Facial Rejuvenation Protocols
are now available on PowerPoint™ for licensed professionals.

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