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Herbal Spray

Golden Sunshine’s Herbal Spray is popular among sports enthusiasts for its convenience and for temporary relief of stffness and minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. Ideal for athletes before (preventative), during (injury), and after (rehabilitation) – just spray it on the affected area and keep playing. Herbal Spray can also be used in conjunction with Golden Sunshine’s popular Herbal Patch for maximum effect. Sold exclusively through licensed health care professionals.

Golden Sunshine® Herbal Spray View Label Golden Sunshine® Herbal Spray
NM-107 This product is our natural herbal formula for athletes in all sports who desire immediate relief or prevention of injury to sensitive areas. It is a must for the serious athlete’s sports bag. It has a mild scent yet powerful pain relief formula for athletes in all sports.
Info Box for Golden Sunshine® Herbal Spray topical analgesic. New Lighter Scent. 120ml Non-Aerosol Spray. Can be used with Herbal Patch for increased potency.

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